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Learn more about our unique Overlanding consulting opportunities. Building your dream adventure vehicle and receiving expert advice is just a few clicks away.

What We Provide

Overland Consulting

Hedge Industries offers a unique opportunity for those interested in overlanding to be able to gather resources and information regarding future offroad builds and overland adventures.

Overland Gear

Here at Hedge Industries we work very hard to design products that solve some of the issues we have personally encountered while out on the trail. All our products are proudly designs and manufactured here in the USA.

Outdoor Apparel

Check out our lineup of unique outdoor themed apparel. We have hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. Find new ways to express your love for the outdoors!

Offroad Information

In addition to our consulting and overlanding products, we also provide free information regarding trails we have explored. We are always seeking to give back to such an awesome community so check here for information regarding trash-pickup events.

Who We are

At the heart of every company, there must be an overarching goal. For us, our goal at Hedge Industries is to equip you with the tools necessary to explore the outdoors and gain a deeper appreciation for our awesome planet. This means we are motivated to provide you with vehicle consulting and up-fitting services, overland gear, and outdoor apparel that all reflect our mission of sharing our love for the outdoors with you. As a Christian company, we are not ashamed to encourage a mentality of responsibility and good stewardship. We adhere to exercising a ‘leave no trace’ mentality. It is our desire to promote clean and sustainable enjoyment and use of the outdoors. It is our hope to see trails and campsites fully accessible for generations to come.

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