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Hedge Industries is dedicated to applying our knowledge & experience gained through years of overlanding to equip you with the tools necessary to seek your own adventure.

What We Offer

Personalized Consulting Sessions

We can meet online at your convenience to discuss the build details of your future overland vehicle.

Best Upfitting Shops in the OC

We will send you to shops that we know and trust to work on our vehicles, so you can rest assured that your rig will be taken care of.

Specialized Parts for You

Sometimes clients have unique goals in mind. With a slew of custom fabrication shops available, your dream can become reality.

Free Trail Guides

After years of exploring trails in the Southern California Region, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite destination spots.

About our Consulting

Every one of us has a desire to explore. Some of us just need a little more help getting started. This is where our Overland Consulting service comes in. We guide you through the process of building a vehicle capable of getting you to where you want to go. We offer consulting for many popular offroad brands, including Jeep, Subaru, Toyota, and more. Once your vehicle is assembled, you can check out our free Trail Guides to find the perfect route for your next adventure.

Where do you want to adventure next?