Overland Consulting

Over the last few years, the Overlanding community has grown exponentially and so have the product offerings. However, all these choices can be a bit overwhelming, and it can be hard finding where to start. This is why we offer Overland Consulting to assist you on your journey to your next adventure. We are absolutely thrilled to add so many new adventure seekers to the pack.

We help you from the ground up. Need help finding the right vehicle? We got you covered. Once you have that, what’s next? Wheels, tires, tent, fridge, armor, sliders, radios, recovery, winches, lights, roof racks, and the list goes on. But, no need to stress. We can match you with the build that is right for you.

You can contact us at info@hedgeindustries.com or by phone at (949) 357–3717. Feel free to reach out to us on our social media as well.